Il Granchio is an Italian historic men’s clothing brand, born from a successful enterprise of the Seventies.
The Veneto-based Manifattura Corona group has given new life and renovated the know-how to this Arezzo brand and to an entire project of total look clothing for men, by giving an important restyling that fuels from the past, gives value to the present and brings an innovative essence to the future.
Tuscan history and Venetian genius, today Il Granchio is a brand that expresses the Italian style and know-how in every detail.

Bringing forward the Italian “know how”.

The garments take shape in specialized artisan shops, selected one by one, where the excellence of each element is enhanced to create high-quality products, made for the daily needs of modern man, dynamic but still always elegant.


At the centre of our philosophy there is the man: he who we think of, when we project our garments; the trusted supplier we shake our hands in person; the worker who feels fulfilled by his days because he makes part of a respectable project.
Synonymous with Italian style, quality, product richness, attention to detail, an all-Italian way of “knowing how to do” artisanally: what marks out Il Granchio brand is a combination of solid and everlasting values ​​that express the best of Italian culture and manufacturing.
The heritage of the brand is tangible and you can feel it by touching the fabrics, finishings and texture of the garments.
Our aim is to dress the everyday life of a man in a certified and qualified way, with attention to the design and the product values.
The total look Il Granchio collection is the complete wardrobe of a man who recognizes the values ​​of the brand as well as his own value.


We care for people, for the italian style history, for its exclusive designs, for the materials quality and workmanship, being aware that reliability and honesty always pay you back , and wisely mixed together with modernity and dynamism they can amaze you.


Il Granchio is there for the man who wants to introduce himself at the best with an elegant and intelligent wardrobe, giving time its value and anticipating his needs.


We want to see you come in confident and get out relaxed from the store, being sure you’ve used your time well and aware that you’ll find this certainty every day by opening your closet at home.